Private Label Rainbow Bath Bombs Gift Set
Private Label Rainbow Bath Bombs Gift Set

Private Label Rainbow Bath Bombs Gift Set

  • MOQ : 1000pcs
  • Weight: 195g

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Bathing,Moisturizing,Hydrating,Repair Skin,Skin Care

Volume size




Mass production time

35 days after order confirmed

Sample times

In 3days

Place of origin

Huizhou, China (Mainland)





Unique rainbow color, cloud shape rainbow bath bombs make your bath time will more funny and interesting. And importantly, our bath bombs will not stain the tub, easy-clean and keep your happy mood.

Our handmade bath bombs use natural & organic ingredients, without animal testing. No toxic ingredients, our bath bombs suitable for sensitive skin. The gentle smell and enriched natural botanicals make your skin start a new day.

The handmade bath bombs melt in the water will release essential oils and bubbles, whatever your skin type, pure natural extracts and rich essential oils will moisturize your skin and keep smooth,you will feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

Milk smell, do you love it? If you imagine many times having a milk bath, but not a result finally. Why not choose our milk smell rainbow bath bombs, not only realize your thought but also have enjoyed a SPA time in your own bathroom.

Beautiful package, surprise rainbow bath bombs, colorful bath time. The perfect gifts at Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Birthday, Christmas, party, wedding, colorful bath bombs and your wife, girlfriend, friends, kids will love them.

How to use a Bath Bomb

There are certain steps one must take to have an extraordinary bath experience.  Before I begin, I must stress that your bathtub MUST be clean!  Please do not sit in a dirty tub.  Also, you’ll want to set the scene.  Light some candles and turn your bath time into a planned out solo date night with yourself!

Step One: Plug the tub and turn on the water to your desired temperature.

Step Two: Let the bathtub fill up halfway.

Step Three: Once the tub is filled halfway, hold your bath bomb under the faucet to dissolve the bomb and properly bubble.

Step Four: Turn off the faucet, and sink into the tub.  Be sure to avoid your eyes, and do not drink your bathwater.

Step Five: Once you have relaxed and are ready to exit, unplug the tub, and allow the water to drain.

Step Six: Rinse off the bomb and pat yourself dry.

Step Seven: Rinse the tub and scrub clean to avoid any dyes ruining the bathtub.

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