Jan 05,2023

Our bath bombs are cheap, but they are of the same quality. Wholesale & OEM is welcome, Trial order is available

Most of the bad recipes on the market

Inferior cheap formula bath bombs do not have obvious foaming effect in water, and they do not respond when thrown into the bathtub

This can dry out your skin and the color may stay on your skin and in the tub, making it difficult to clean

Our recipe

Our bath bomb formula is great, it's floating, premium serum and more essential oils, creamy and gentle rich lather

Using imported raw materials, all food-grade colors, engineers repeatedly and carefully debug the formula to care for the skin

Why You Will Love These?

  • Bath Time Fun: All our bath bomb sets come in different varieties to keep children engaged and entertained
  • Long-Lasting Bubbles with Very Rich Impressive Colors: Our bath bombs are made of excellent quality ingredients that promise to make beautiful rainbows and provide a lot of fun
  • Natural Ingredients: Our products use natural ingredients and are handmade. Do not stain your skin, hair, or bathtub
  • Give You Peace of Mind: Child-friendly, subtle fragrance, easy to clean, not oily
  • Great Gift Ideas: All kids love rainbows and bubbles. Even some adults find this relaxing too

Our individual bath bombs is designed to keep your body smelling great all day. It not only moisturizes your skin and makes you smell wonderful, but it also helps to maintain your ph balance and reproductive health.

Boymay Bath Bombs are produced with all-natural components, unlike other bath bombs for ladies that include chemical substances.

The enticing aroma and thick foam add to the enjoyment of your bath. Sea salt and essential oils, for example, can moisturize the skin, calm the body and mind, and reduce tiredness. Large bath salt bomb with a decomposition duration of up to 15 minutes, enabling you to thoroughly relax.


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