Bath Bombs For Kids With Dinosaur Suction Toys
Bath Bombs For Kids With Dinosaur Suction Toys

Bath Bombs For Kids With Dinosaur Suction Toys

  • MOQ : 1000pcs
  • Fragrance: Milk, Eucalyptus, Peach, Mint, Jasmine, Lavender

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Wholesale Bath Bombs For Kids With Dinosaur Suction Toys supplier in china, Boymay focus on bulk bath bomb custom and wholesale business, Contact us for a free Bath Bombs For Kids With Dinosaur Suction Toys sample.

Why Choose Dinosaur bath bombs For Kids?

Children are always full of power. Every bath is a signal of the end of the day, so they don’t like bathing. Are you tired of urging your baby to take a bath again and again? Buy Nagaliving bath bombs gift sets, and let your children transform the concept of "going to bath" into "going to play in the water".The kids will enjoy the Dinosaur Suction Toys that appears after the bomb fizz out!

26PCS Bath Bombs with Dinosaur Suction Toys Inside

Each bath bomb has a dinosaur suction toy inside, which really makes a lot of fun when our little kids take a bath!After enjoying 3-5 minutes colorant rich bubble home bath spa and bath bombs melt away, your little guys are left to find the surprise in the
tub! In addition, this bath bomb set includes 2pcs soft squeaking dinosaur toys at random from 4pcs in total, which really double stimulate your kids to enjoy and love bath!

Natural Organic Ingredients

The bath bombs are handmade with naturally-derived ingredients and perfectly scented with essential oils and natural fragrance to give your child a delightfully fizzy experience. The bath bomb contains no artificial flavors or colors and is safe and gentle for a toddler.

Colorful Fizz Bath Bombs

Dropping a bath bomb in the warm water, it will float and spin immediately with fragrance and you will get a rich bubble in seconds, giving the water a vibrant color that releases essential oils aromas and skin moisturizing Shea butter. Each bath bomb
has a variety of color composition, pulling out an amazing color whirlpool with fizz on the water to give you a best visual feast!

Perfect Gift Set for Kids

This colorful bath bombs kits are beautifully packaged, making it a great gift for holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter,Party Favor, Birthday, Children’s Day, Hanukkah or Holiday gifts for boy and girls, toddler, child. They are beautifully presented as a perfect gift for your lovely kids!

Natural ingredients: cruelty-free, vegan safe, natural bath bombs are preservative-free, non-irritating, no toxic or harmful will ever enter our products, suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin, designed for children.Our bath bombs are made with the highest quality ingredients made from pure natural plant coloring, and we do it for you. The only thing you need to buy and enjoy.

EASY TO CLEAN: Pure natural plant pigments create beautiful colors in the water that dissolve and rinse easily, no stains on your bathtub. No pigment residue on your child's skin either! If you hate the feeling of sticky and dirty bath bombs, try our Bath Bomb. (Please take care of your child 3 years old)

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