Rainbow Shape Bath Bomb
Rainbow Shape Bath Bomb

Rainbow Shape Bath Bomb

  • MOQ : 1000pcs
  • Weight: 30g-200g also can be customized

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The gorgeous rainbow hanging in the sky after the rain should be familiar to all of us. The appearance of this bath bomb is a beautiful shape of rainbow bridge. 100% handmade natural products, unique color effect for you to create a comfortable, sweet, fragrant bath environment.

Maybe many people it as like as the cloud bath bomb, but it's not. Although the rainbow bath bomb is also in the shape of clouds, we have added more details to it. There is a bridge shaped concave arch structure in the middle, two slightly protruding clouds shape at the end of both ends, and the appearance has rainbow decoration. Does it look more like a rainbow bridge in the sky?

Product Name

Rainbow Shape Bath Bomb


Relaxing, Moisturizing, Hydrating, Exfoliating


Colorful or customized


Fruit scents, Candy and so on


Essential oil, Dead sea salt, 100% Nature Ingredients






30g-200g also can be customized


Rainbow shape




Please store in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight


PVC box, Heat shrinkable film packaging+ gift box or customized

Payment Methods

T/T, DP, L/C, Western Union, PayPal

It's a big bath bomb. It can release colorful bubbles for 10-15 minutes or more, so you have enough time to enjoy the romantic bath. It is suitable for any skin. The essential oil and sea salt added in it can ensure that it is safe for children.
It's a gift box for Thanksgiving, birthday, wedding, children's day and anniversary. Our gift box has a variety of beautiful shape of the bath bomb, unicorn, star, butterfly, different styles shape more abundant gift box.


1.Fill the bathtub with 2 / 3 water of suitable temperature, and put your rainbow Bath Bomb in it.
2.The bath will start slowly releasing the color bubbles, you can enjoy the bath time.
3.Gently massage the skin to promote absorption
4.Stop bathing after 15-20 minutes, carefully stand up from the bathtub and wipe the water off your body.

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