Banana Shaped Bath Bomb
Banana Shaped Bath Bomb

Banana Shaped Bath Bomb

  • MOQ : 1000pcs
  • Weight: 30g-200g also can be customized

Wholesale & OEM is welcome, Trial order is available

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Wholesale Banana Shaped Bath Bomb supplier in china, Boymay focus on bulk bath bomb custom and wholesale business, Contact us for a free Banana Shaped Bath Bomb sample.

This is a sweet banana milkshake, just like returning to the freshness of childhood. You will be crazy about this bath bomb. It is a fruit series bath bomb made by us. In addition to the aroma of banana, vanilla and coconut oil are added. It is very attractive and luxurious, making your skin feel soft and moist. Perfect for children, or people who like banana flavor.

Product Name

Banana Shaped Bath Bomb


Relaxing, Moisturizing, Hydrating, Skin Care,


Yellow or customized


Banana, Candy and customized


Essential oil, Citric Acid, 100% Nature Ingredients






30g-200g also can be customized


Banana shape




Please store in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight


PVC box, Heat shrinkable film packaging+ gift box or customized

Payment Methods

T/T, DP, L/C, Western Union, PayPal

Banana shaped bath bomb is bright yellow.  When it bubbles, it will turn your bath water into beautiful yellow.  The aroma of banana milkshake will surround you.  When you soak in bright and vibrant water and smell the aroma in the air, your mood will naturally become clear. 
Each banana bath bomb is our handmade.  If there are some differences in color, flash, decoration and so on, it is normal.  Don't worry, the effect and overall appearance are perfect. 

This is a gift that can be sent out formally, so we are very careful in production and will ask the customer's requirements in advance.  You can tell us the weight and size of the products you want.  We can produce all kinds of style for you.  If you are not satisfied with the package gift box of each bath bomb and have your design, we can also accept your design.  It's OK to print your logo on the gift box.  We will try our best to meet customers' requirements. 

1.  Put the whole bath bomb in a bathtub filled with water. 
2.  Make bath bomb fully melted in water. 
3.  Soak the body in the bathtub and dry it with a dry towel after 15-20 minutes. 
4.  Gently massage the whole body from the bottom up, so that the essential oils are completely absorbed.

Boymay bath bomb wholesale supplier have always paid attention to the overall order experience of customers. From sample customization to outer packaging design, from product formula to LOGO details, from shipment to customs clearance, we always put customers' feelings first, which is what our BODYNURES has always pursued. Yes, we hope that as a one-stop platform, customers can solve all the problems they encounter through us, and protect the rights and interests of customers in the process of solving problems. This is what we have been pursuing and exploring.

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