Cartoon Lobster Bath Bomb
Cartoon Lobster Bath Bomb

Cartoon Lobster Bath Bomb

  • MOQ : 1000pcs
  • Weight: 100g or Customized

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Wholesale Cartoon Lobster Bath Bomb supplier in china, Boymay focus on bulk bath bomb custom and wholesale business, Contact us for a free Cartoon Lobster Bath Bomb sample.

Mention lobster is not only food, it tastes delicious. Because of love for it, so designed this lobster bath bomb. It has a warm red appearance, have a clear lobster outline, four lobster in a box, this is our packaging design.

The fragrance of the bath bomb is a very nice fruit fragrance, because of the addition of essential oils extracted from plants. When you use it, put a lobster in your bath water and watch it fizzing. The beautiful red foam is floating around the bathtub. The essential oils in the bath bomb are suitable for all skin types, but if you are allergic to our natural ingredients, you should pay attention.

Product Name

Cartoon Lobster Bath Bomb


Relaxing, Moisturizing, Hydrating, Exfoliating


Red or customized


Flower fragrance and so on


Essential oil, 100% Nature Ingredients






30g-200g also can be customized


Lobster or customized




Please store in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight


PVC box, Heat shrinkable film packaging+ gift box or customized

Payment Methods

T/T, DP, L/C, Western Union, PayPal


First things first, if you aren’t super familiar with this bathtime staple—we’ve only really seen them blow up over the last few years—we need to cover what a bath bomb is. Sometimes also known as bath balls, a bath bomb is a small, ball-shaped product that is filled with colorants, salts, and skin-softening ingredients such as oils and butters.

As the name suggests, once you pop a bath bomb into a tub full of water, the shape breaks apart and releases all of the ingredients. Then you’re left with a myriad of colors and scents to soak your body in. Some bath bombs even break apart to release flowers, fizzers, glitter, and other cool surprises. While most bath bombs are small sphere shapes, you can enjoy bath bombs in various shapes and sizes.


Q: DO you offer free samples?

A: Normally, samples will be charged and sent out by freight collect. But, for some stock items, we can offer you free samples, but the freight should be paid by your side.

Q: How do you guarantee the quality in your factory? Do you have regular quality inspection?

A: Yes, that's what we have to do. We always attach great importance to the quality control from the beginning to the end of the production process. First of all, we insist that all the raw materials used are natural and environmentally friendly, without any chemical substances; Secondly, workers must master every step of the production process and the small details of packaging products. Defective products that affect the appearance will not be allowed to leave the factory; Finally, we also have a special person in charge of quality management to carry out the inspection of each process, to ensure the quality, you can rest assured.

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