Jan 04,2023

Luxury bath bombs are often expensive due to the quality of materials used to manufacture the product. Essential oils, dyes, and other additives can raise the price of the final product. Luxury products have additional costs like advertisement and custom packaging, often shouldered by the product’s cost. 

Another reason why some brands of bath bombs are expensive is the additional materials. Essential oil for fragrance, dyes for color, and even glitters for glamour (in some products). These ingredients are not necessary to achieve skin cleansing and moisturizing. But these are still added to enhance the bathing experience. 

Bath bomb manufacturers add essential oil, which moisturizes the skin, making it feel like lotion is applied already. With this factor in mind, some of those essential oils are expensive. For a product that you only use once in a while, the addition of essential oils in bath bombs can be worth it. 

And finally, not a lot of bathing products can beat the therapeutic effect of bath bombs. It can work with different types of skin and just works perfectly. No additional preparation is needed, and the results are lovely (both in the skin and mental wellness.) It is expensive because of the luxury and convenience that it gives. 

Are Bath Bombs Safe To Use Regularly? 

Not all bath bombs use the same base ingredients. Large-scale bath bomb makers like Lush are known to avoid using materials that can irritate sensitive skin. But home-made bath bombs are a different story. Either way, people with skin conditions, allergies, and sensitive skins are recommended to skip bath bombs altogether. 

Occasional bath bombs for pampering and relaxation are fine. However, submerging yourself in dyed and scented water for an extended period might cause you to develop allergies. The Cleveland Clinic recommends getting out of a bath bomb when your toes and fingers start to wrinkle up. After bathing, rinse off the residual water with clean water. 

If you want to make sure that you’re using a good bath bomb product, make an effort to inquire about the materials used. Avoid bath bombs containing talc, parabens, phthalates, benzene derivatives, and aldehydes. Other bath bombs use natural ingredients that might trigger allergies or yeast infection. Skip products that use glitters, which can irritate the skin and the eyes. 

To avoid any problems, you can make your bath bombs instead, with materials you trust and proven safe. There are numerous tutorials on how to make your bath bombs at home. Take note: finding the right materials and mixing these ingredients on your own can be a tedious task. Creating bath bombs in bulk is the way to go if you want to get the best out of your materials and time. 

Bath bombs are single-use products. But if one orb is too much, you can use a small portion instead of the whole thing. This method is recommended if you use a small tub. To store the other portion of the bath bomb, put it in a plastic bag and completely remove the air inside.


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