Dec 22,2022

WHAT IS A bath bomb?

First things first, if you aren’t super familiar with this bathtime staple—we’ve only really seen them blow up over the last few years—we need to cover what a bath bomb is. Sometimes also known as bath balls, a bath bomb is a small, ball-shaped product that is filled with colorants, salts, and skin-softening ingredients such as oils and butters.

As the name suggests, once you pop a bath bomb into a tub full of water, the shape breaks apart and releases all of the ingredients. Then you’re left with a myriad of colors and scents to soak your body in. Some bath bombs even break apart to release flowers, fizzers, glitter, and other cool surprises. While most bath bombs are small sphere shapes, you can enjoy bath bombs in various shapes and sizes.

How Does it Work?

The “bomb” aspect of a bath bomb is the fizziness. But what’s going on in those spheres that make them so fizzy? Two of the key ingredients to a bath bomb are citric acid and sodium bicarbonate. You might also know sodium bicarbonate by its more common name, baking soda. These two ingredients are what cause the impressive and delightful fizz when the bath bomb enters the water.

When sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) comes in contact with water, the sodium (Na) molecules break off from the bicarbonate (HCO3). At the same time, the citric acid is dissolving, with a single hydrogen ion (H+) separating from the rest of the molecule. When the released hydrogen ion from the citric acid encounters the bicarbonate from the baking soda another reaction happens! This time, carbon dioxide (CO2) gas is released as one of the end products. The carbon dioxide forms bubbles in the soap and bath water, and rushes to the surface with a delightful fizz.

What Does Bath Bombs Made?

Who doesn't love bubble baths?Time is fun and luxurious.Daily Miracle is especially about a bomb!

What's so great about bath bombs?Many people love the scent they add to their bathtub.Most of them also add interesting colors to the water,and some even contain flowers or other small spices.Some bath bombs also make fizzy bath water,but most produce a fizz.

What makes a bath bomb hiss in warm water?It has to do with how they are made.These ingredients interact with water to produce the effects one would expect from these scented spheres.

So what exactly are bath bombs made of?Many people and companies have their own recipes,but they usually contain the same basic ingredients:baking soda,citric acid,and cornstarch.These work together to form the bath bomb and make it lather in the water.

Both baking soda and citric acid dissolve easily.When the two interact in water,they produce carbon dioxide.This gas creates fizzing bubbles after a bath bomb is placed in a bucket of water.Cornstarch slows this reaction by combining with baking soda and citric acid.It causes the hiss to last longer.

Of course,many bath bombs contain more than these three ingredients.Most have dyes and scents that are also released when the bomb dissolves.These produce the color and aroma one would expect from a bath bomb.They may also include oils and Epsom salts.

Many companies,like LUSH,specialize in making unique bath bombs with a variety of ingredients.However,people also like to create their own at home.All you need to start is the basic ingredients,the color or scent to add,and the bath bomb mold.Everything can be combined and pressed into molds to make custom bath bombs.

No bathtub?no problem!Shower Steamers are also an option.They are scented like bath bombs.When shower steamer encounter water,they dissolve into a thick lather that can be used as soap.

Do you want to make bath time more fun?Do you like bath bombs or bubbles?Maybe instead,you have a type of music you like to listen to.It can be fun to find your own way to make this time of day special.


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