Dec 23,2022

Essential oils are receiving much attention these days as more people turn towards alternative health treatments.  These concentrated plant extracts are used to cure several conditions, including insomnia, muscular pain, anxiety, indigestion, headache, etc.
These aromatherapy oils have a positive impact on our health and replace the usage of traditional medication.  Tiny receptors absorb the essential oil and stimulate the limbic system, improving heart rate, blood pressure, stress and more.  The therapeutic ingredients in it do wonders to both your mind and body.

Use aromatherapy oils indoors to enjoy and experience the fragrance of nature.So,how should incense be used,and which essential oils are most suitable for home incense?The types of essential oils commonly used for indoor incense include lavender essential oil,rose essential oil,lemongrass essential oil,peppermint essential oil,eucalyptus essential oil,sweet orange essential oil,lemon essential oil,etc.

1、Lavender essential oil:Lavender essential oil has a wide range of uses,has calming,soothing,and balancing effects,and can also help sleep.

2.Rose essential oil:It is an essential oil very suitable for use in the bedroom.3.Ylang-ylang essential oil:Ylang-ylang essential oil can relieve nervous tension,soothe anxious emotions,and make people relax and calm.

4.Bergamot essential oil:the best choice to appease anxiety,depression,and mental tension;it can help people relax.

5.Sweet orange essential oil:Sweet orange is one of the few essential oils proven to have a sedative effect.Sweet orange essential oil with sweet orange fragrance can calm nerves,reduce stress,maintain physical and mental pleasure,and increase vitality.Relieve tension and stress,improve insomnia caused by anxiety.

6.Lemongrass essential oil:with exotic flavor,it has the effect of invigorating the spirit and eliminating fatigue.The effect of deodorizing is also excellent in summer.

7.Peppermint essential oil:Peppermint essential oil is cool and refreshing,it is the best refreshing essential oil;it can deodorize,suitable for summer use,not suitable for bedroom.

8.Eucalyptus essential oil:Eucalyptus essential oil purifies the air and is very helpful for respiratory discomfort caused by colds,especially suitable for places where the elderly and children live.

9.Lemon essential oil:Lemon essential oil is restorative and helps to clear the mind.Is a natural antibacterial agent,suitable for summer use.

If you have never been exposed to aromatherapy,you can choose 2-3 essential oils when it comes to choosing essential oils.If you have no clue,there are generally popular ones such as lavender essential oil,bergamot essential oil,and sweet orange essential oil;these essential oils are relatively cheap and most people will like their smell.

Essential aromatherapy oils are a brilliant alternative to conventional medication. There are no such side effects of essential oils. However, it is recommended to always go for a skin patch test before using them.
Are you confused regarding where to apply essential oils on the body? You can start by applying it over the least sensitive part of the body. You can also try it on the ankles, behind ears, crown of head, neck, etc.


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