Dec 27,2022

Some ingredients in bath bombs should not be used anywhere near your vagina as they can cause yeast infections and even urinary tract infections. There are specific guidelines created for using bath bombs to make sure that there are no complications.

They include:

Maintaining warm water temperature

A prolonged stay in a hot tub is harmful to pregnant women and their infants as it can cause a rise in temperature and risk their health.

A bath bomb should be soothing, but a prolonged soak in hot water can cause dehydration, overheating, weakness, dizziness, and birth defects.

Avoid bath bombs if your body is sensitive to rising temperatures when soaking in hot water. A sauna is usually sizzling hot and unsafe for pregnant women, so make sure your doctor is aware and in support, before you use bath bombs when pregnant.

Avoid certain essential oils and fragrances

Different types of essential oils have proven to be above the safety levels for pregnant ladies.

Some essential oils like basil cause early contractions in women and should be avoided.

Don't use bath bombs without your doctor's permission to avoid putting your baby in danger.

Cinnamon, chamomile, and sandalwood essential oils are common in aromatherapy. But when used in bath bombs or your bathwater, these oils reduce the chance of going into labor.

Limit bathing time

Reducing your bathing/soaking time with bath bombs that contain special oils can prevent passive heat stress and even yeast infection. You can easily contract a yeast infection from spending long periods in saunas, so avoid saunas if need be.

Be careful once you get in the tub

You must be careful when using bath bombs in tubs because they produce lots of bubbles and make surfaces slippery. Ask for assistance if you have company when you want to enter or get out of the tub, as this is more likely to reduce your risks of injury and prevent falling.


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