Dec 21,2022

1, The difference between shower gel and bath salt

The main function of shower gel is to clean the skin. Some shower gels also have the functions of whitening, moisturizing and sterilizing. The scented shower gel can also adjust the mood. However, in addition to the cleaning effect, the shower gel is not so obvious. In addition to cleaning, bath salts contain iron, calcium, magnesium, selenium and other trace elements, which can also remove melanin from the skin and can effectively whiten and remove freckles. And the particles in it can also remove the old dead skin cells, remove acne, acne and so on.

2, Shower gel and bath salt suitable for the difference in skin quality

Shower gel is divided into alkaline and acidic. It has a strong alkaline cleaning ability and is more suitable for people with oily skin, but it is also more irritating to the skin. Acidic and neutral shower gels are not as strong in their ability to remove oil. They usually contain a moisturizer, so the skin is moisturized after use, and any skin type can be used. However, bath salts are irritating to the skin, and exfoliating is powerful, so people with sensitive skin should not use it or use it less. Especially when there is a wound on the skin, it is very irritating if bath salts are used, and it may cause pigmentation.

3, The difference between the use of shower gel and bath salt

If you use an acidic or neutral shower gel that is not harmful to the skin, it can be used every day, not only does it not cause damage to the skin, but also keeps the skin clean and avoids clogged pores. However, bath salt can not be used every day, because the particles in the bath salt have the effect of exfoliating. If used every day, the stratum corneum will become weaker and weaker, and the skin will become fragile and sensitive. Therefore, bath salt is best. Use once a week.

4, The difference between shower gel and bath salt ingredients

The ingredients of shower gel are generally surfactants, foam stabilizers, various preservatives, skin care agents, colorants, etc. Some high-quality shower gels also add vitamins, hydrolyzed proteins and other ingredients that are good for the skin. The ingredients in the bath salt are more special. They contain herbal extracts, mineral ions, natural sea salt and plant essential oils, so they not only cleanse the skin, but also soften and moisturize the skin.

Can Bath Salts Replace Shower Gel?

Bath salt is a kind of bathing product that is very common on the market. Many people like to use bath salt when bathing. Bath salt is used to clean the skin. Bath salt has excellent cleansing and skin care effect, so bath salt can replace bathing. Dew? Is shower gel or bath salt good?

Bath salts are actually an alternative to shower gel.

Bath salt" is made from sea salt essence and pure herbal preparation. The reason why bath salt can be a good skin care product, because of its natural ingredients, herbal aroma, fascinating color, remarkable effect... it has become the favorite of many beautiful women. Long-term use of bath salts can eliminate the melanin on the skin, allowing the skin to gradually restore fine white, smooth, sugary, and have a good skin care effect.

The thickness of the bath salt texture is related to the use and method of use. Bath salts do not necessarily require a bathtub. Some sea salt can be used as a facial cleanser, cleansing milk and other cleansing products as long as it is taken in a small amount. It is clean and simple and easy to handle; some is suitable for steaming saunas. Into the bag to lightly rub the skin, not only to lose salt and cleansing beauty: some are suitable for bathing, will be loaded into the salt bag, hanging on the nozzle, quickly and easily achieve the skin care effect; some bath salts must be placed in the bathtub Add a water bath to remove fatigue and cleanse the skin.

Shower gel and bath salt are all cleaning products used in bathing, which can clean the dirt on the skin, but the effect of the two is different except for the cleaning, and the suitable skin quality is different, so it can't Judging that shower gel and bath salt are good, can only say which is more suitable for you.


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