Sep 28,2022

Surprise bath bomb is a popular type of bath bomb from BodyNurse. It may be small toys that children like, or rings and necklaces like jewelry, etc. Of course, what is placed inside can be customized according to customer needs, and what customers want is what we want to provide. Our bath bomb is made of pure natural materials, which can be used by children. It is rich in foam and does not stain the bathtub after use. Enjoy a happy bath, starting with the bath bomb produced by the BodyNurse.

  • HAND CRAFTED IN THE CHINA - This unique Himalayan Sea Salt Bath bomb is Hand crafted in New York with premium CN natural ingredients, 100 percent all natural essential oils, shea and coco butter. The Himalayan Sea Salt makes this bath bomb ultra relaxing, moisturizing and therapeutic even after the longest days.
  • SURPRISE RING IN EACH BATH BOMB - Hidden within each fizzie bath bomb is a stunning ring from a specially curated collection, making it perfect for Mothers Day and Fathers Day gifts, birthday gift, spa/bath gifts for the special one, perfect gifts for the women you love: mom, wife, girlfriend. And even yourself!
  • DOUBLE THE PLEASURE - Indulge in the luxurious fragrant bath created with this ultra lush and fizzie bath bomb, and when done try on and enjoy the surprise jewelry that floats to the top of the bath. Each surprise size ring is valued between $15 - $5,000 in each Jewelry Bath Bomb.
  • LARGEST BATH BOMB AVAILABLE ON THE MARKET - Why compromise with the tiny bath bombs you find in many of the sets currently on the market? While they are cheap, most of them range from 2-3 oz…Our Extra Large 10 ounce bath bomb will make them look tiny as it is 4-5 times larger than the bath bombs in the best selling bath bomb kits.
  • ALL NATURAL - This bath bomb is vegan, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and cruelty-free making it a smart and environmentally friendly choice.

Turn bath time into a fun and educational experience: Drop the egg-shaped bath bombs into the tub and watch it burst with color while releasing a unique dinosaur model into the water.

Convert your tub into a fizzy dino world: Includes 6 uniquely-colored egg-shaped bath fizzies (4.66 oz) each with a different dinosaur buried inside, and 6 beautiful cards, each describing the history of a different dinosaur.  After revealing a dino, try to match up the appropriate card to your dinosaur and learn more about it.

100% safe: All the bath bomb ingredients meet or exceed all safety standards and are 100% safe to put in your child's bath.

A fun and educational gift for all ages: It's not often that a science project can be fun and engaging, but this set achieves both!  Great set for individual play or as a group activity.  It fascinates children as soon as they pull it out of the box and is a perfect STEM project.  It fosters a love for science and paleontology in a fun and exciting way.


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