Dec 23,2022
Scented Candles with fresh and pleasant fragrance are very popular among young people.
They are often used to adjust the interest of life.Many people love them.
1,increase the interest of life scented candles can be used to decorate the atmosphere of life,change the atmosphere of the home,beating flame,diffuse fragrance,can make people fully release the tension and busy life,adjust the life.
2.Purify the air in the room.The smell of the scented candles emitted after lighting can purify the air and eliminate the odor,especially if someone smokes at home.
3,improve the respiratory function The fragrance of the aromatherapy candle can make the nasal mucosa acidic reaction,accelerate the body's absorption of effective substances,it also through the respiratory tract into the lungs,improve human respiratory work to maintain the stability of respiratory function.
4,stimulate the cerebral cortex burning scented candles emitted by the smell,can be transmitted to the brain through the central nervous system,with the effect of relaxing nerves,different smells of brain stimulation is not in general,scented candles are more useful,if necessary,you can buy one at home,and there are a lot of aromatherapy candles to choose from,the effect of different tastes also have Is different.
the different flavor of the scented candles have many flavors,different fragrances not only smell very comfortable,but also have a certain health care effect on the body:

1,rosemary scented candles rosemary candles are very popular,it has the effect of enhancing memory,uplifting the spirit,can help people think,in the study or office is very suitable.
2,lavender scented candle Lavender scented candle is a very common,it has a calming,soothing effect,can relax people's nerves,help sleep,can also prevent mosquito bites,but patients with hypotension and pregnant women should avoid using.

3,lemon scented candle lemon scented candle can keep people's mind clear,enhance people's immunity,help to resist some diseases.

4,mint aroma candle mint cool,refreshing effect,can treat stomach and digestive system discomfort,can also prevent colds,bronchitis and other respiratory diseases are helpful.

5,chamomile scented candles chamomile composition of the scented candles can make the body and mind soothing balance,calm people's mood,especially suitable for irritable,stressful people


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