Dec 21,2022
The bath salt is composed of herbs, natural land salt, natural sea salt, minerals and plant essential oils. It is rich in iron, calcium, selenium, magnesium and other trace elements needed by the human body. The long-term use of bath salts can eliminate the skin. Melanin, the skin gradually restores whiteness, tenderness and elasticity, and has a positive effect on removing facial acne, acne and pigmentation.
Bath salt use:
1.Control T zone grease
Summer skin oil is a big worry. For the T-zone where the secretion of oil is strong, you can use a fine salt on the top, gently massage for 3 minutes, then use the middle finger to make a squeeze massage from the bottom to the upper part of the nose.

2.In addition to acne marks
The traces of acne are annoying. Take some salt, massage it in a spiral shape with traces or bumps, and take enough salt to apply it to the part that needs to be solved. Wash it after five or six minutes. Be careful not to massage the growing acne.

3.Remove skin spots
Wet the salt on the face with water, massage for 1 minute, the intensity is the same as when washing the face, draw a big circle on the cheeks from the bottom to the top with the nose as the center. Then use the fingertips to circle the black spots.

4.Prevent dandruff
Put a large spoonful of salt in a small jar for travel, and then shake it evenly with half a can of water. After washing your hair, pour the salt water on your head, massage with your fingertips, and then rinse off the conditioner.

5.Remove odors from underarms
Salt has a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect, and it is directly applied to the underarms when bathing. On weekdays, you can carry it with a cotton lump that is slightly lighter than seawater, and it is always used to clean sweat. Apply a large amount of coarse salt to the toes, between the toes, and the soles of the feet, and rub it 5 to 6 times by hand, then take a few minutes to get rid of the odor.

6.Nursing back acne
After bathing, let the body warm enough. After the pores are opened, apply some salt to the back and wipe all the corners. Massage with a bath brush for 1 minute, don't use too much force, just let the salt between the skin and the brush move, then use a sponge to put on the salt water, stick it on the back for 10 minutes, rinse with water.


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