Dec 21,2022

The summer is coming in the blink of an eye, and the bathing has become more frequent. bath salt is a skin care product that we often use in bathing. It has the effect of eliminating melanin on the skin, allowing the skin to gradually restore whiteness, tenderness and elasticity. It also has a positive effect on removing facial acne, acne and pigmentation. The effect is still very good. So can bath salts be used every day?

Because the bath salts of different ingredients are not the same, consumers should buy according to their own situation. For example, lavender bath salt, lemon bath salt, moisturizing rose bath salt, anti-inflammatory tea tree bath salt, cool mint bath salt, etc. have different suitable people.

Many bath salt brands are written on the packaging every day, but the experts reminded that the bath salt can be used for a long time, but it is not necessary to use it every day, usually twice a week. Before use, do a skin test on the soft part of the arm to see if the skin will be allergic. Do not use it on an empty stomach or drunkenness. When using it, beware of salt water entering the mouth, eyes and nose. If a body rash occurs during the salt bath. Adverse reactions such as vomiting, stop bathing. Also pay attention when using, if it is a shower, make sure that the skin is fully moistened so that most of the salt is fully dissolved. The amount of salt used, 2 grams as a standard, after application, let it stay on the skin for 3 to 5 minutes, until sweating, can produce a certain effect. After washing with bath salts, it must be rinsed repeatedly. It is best to rub the moisturizing lotion after bathing, because the sodium remaining on the body will make the skin more dry, and the salt bath should be replenished with water and eaten in moderation.

The osmotic action of the salt can eliminate edema, promote fat movement, and have an unexpected effect in shaping the body curve. You only need to use salt to supplement the massage, you can lose weight locally or whole body.

Slim legs: Raise the legs, apply full salt, make fists in both hands, massage from the ankles to the knees, knees to the thighs, stop the massage after the whole foot gets hot, do not wash the salt, use the plastic wrap from the ankles Wrap it up, you are still lifting your feet, and then you should use force when wrapping.

Shape the buttocks: Apply full salt and massage from bottom to bottom along the buttocks to make the sagging hips up.

Eliminate belly fat: In order to soften the fat particles, apply salt to the abdomen, grab the fat with both hands, and massage in a clockwise direction. After about 10 minutes, wrap the abdomen with plastic wrap when inhaling, and rinse it off after 30 minutes.

Eliminate double chin: Apply enough salt to the right hand, move from the middle of the chin to the right, move the left hand to the left in the same way, exchange the left and right hands, do it rhythmically 50 times, then wrap the chin with plastic wrap, the strap helps to fix After a while, rinse off after 10 minutes.

There are many functions of bathing salt, but it is not suitable for daily use. This is something that everyone still needs to remember. It is not a matter of day after day, or it is gradual.


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