Dec 09,2022

1, Shower tablets are the ultimate in practicality 
Despite the benefits of taking a warm bath, not everyone likes baths, has time for a bath, or even has a bathtub.   For these reasons, Shower Steamers are a practical way to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils in the shower. 
Before the advent of shower fizzies, the main method of using aromatherapy in the shower was to dispense a few drops of essential oils on shower walls or the shower floor.   But this isn't necessarily practical or safe.   The essential oils dissipate quickly and are washed down the drain.   Also, unless they are diluted with a carrier oil (which could make the shower floor slippery), the essential oils can come in direct contact with the skin, potentially causing irritation. 
Shower steamers are a more practical way to use aromatherapy in the shower.  They also release their scent more slowly and last longer than essential oils dispensed on the floor of the shower, making them a more economical choice. 

2, Steaming with essential oils is clearing and relaxing 
The Genki shower steam tablets by KODO Collection are a beautiful blend of menthol and essential oils of eucalyptus, lavender, and pine.   But the spa-like aroma doesn't just perfume your bathroom.   The ingredients (combined with steam) also have health and beauty benefits.

Eucalyptus essential oil and menthol crystals are intensely clearing, cooling, and invigorating. Eucalyptus is probably the most popular essential oil for saunas and steam rooms, but pine essential oil is also highly beneficial in steam and can be just as effective as eucalyptus in opening respiratory pathways and promoting clear breathing.

Not only is pine useful in clearing lung and sinus congestion from allergies, colds, flu, and sinus infections, but it also has antibacterial and detoxifying properties. Shower steam that contains pine is said to help eliminate toxins through perspiration.

Lavender essential oil is probably best known for promoting relaxation and helping to heal burns. But, like eucalyptus and pine, lavender is also good for hay fever, sinus allergies, and congestion.

Together, these essential oils boost your mood, enhance feelings of relaxation, relieve stress, clear nasal congestion, and reduce sinus inflammation, improving overall respiratory health.

3, Get your glow on with steam

Steam carries volatile essential oils to the skin. Shower steaming is slightly less effective than facial steaming (where your face is only about 12 inches from the water and oils). But even shower steaming can moisturize skin, unclog pores, soften sebum, increase circulation, and reduce congestion that often causes redness and puffy eyes.

Also, the heat increases sweating, which helps detoxify skin and remove pollutants.

The added benefit of Genki aromatherapy shower tablets is that the evaporated peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender essential oils all have antibacterial compounds that can help rid the skin of acne-causing bacteria. Eucalyptus and lavender also have anti-inflammatory properties that can help calm upset skin.


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