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A natural deep sea bath salt, it contains a variety of micronutrient. Can Be used to wash the face, foot bath, can clean the skin, long-term use of the skin becomes more smooth and delicate, more moist. It softens the cuticles in the bath.
With high-quality deep-sea bath salt as the main raw material, containing essential oil, this product into the water will produce rich bubbles and lasting, rich aroma, stable product quality, dry not easy moisture, long maintenance period.

Our bath bomb company launched this bath ball with a highly customized:

1 ball, the diameter of the ball can be customized.

2 bath ball packaging can be customized, you can choose a simple version that is bulk, outside with blister paper, slightly high-end packaging in blister paper wrapped with a layer of kraft paper, the seal place has the label, the label can be customized, then the high-grade packing is uses the exquisite small box to display.

3 bath ball ingredients can be customized to suit different skin types and need.

4 bath ball bubble type: high foaming and non-foaming 4 bath ball color, fragrance can be customized.

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