Bath Bombs With Jewelry Toys For Kids
Bath Bombs With Jewelry Toys For Kids

Bath Bombs With Jewelry Toys For Kids

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  • Weight: Customized

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The kids will also enjoy the short bath moment from the colorful bubble fizzy bombs and explore their own treasures after bath bombs fizz out! Each bath bomb inside is with 3 surprises, which includes bracelets, rings, and hair clips. It might be huge surprise for your little princess. Since then, your girls will be looking forward to bathing and enjoy joys and surprises from bath time also!

Made with Organic Shea Butter and Essential oils, all the bath bomb ingredients meet or exceed all safety standards and are 100% safe to put in your child's bath,and are safe and gentle for kids.


Baking soda, Edible Citric Acid, Edible Sodium carbonate, Sea salt, Himalayan red salt, glycerol, olive oil, Shea Butter oil, sorbitol, natural essential oil, food colorin.


Increase the pleasure of bathing. Deep cleansing and relax the body.
Rich foam, easy to dissolve once meet water.
Remove body’s dirt and exfoliating.


60g,100g,120g, 180g


Free sample, freight fee required.


rose quartz,clear quartz,amethyst,moonstone,citrine,etc...





Bath Bombs For Kids are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, and this is no surprise considering the numerous benefits these products have. While many parents will see bath bombs as nothing more than a fun addition to their children’s bath time, there are many pleasant and beneficial side effects of using bath bombs. Bath bombs can be a valuable addition to any child’s bath time and will undoubtedly make the process of persuading your child to have a bath immensely easier. Additionally, once your child realises the benefits of bath bombs and how enjoyable a bath can be when they are used, you will never struggle to get them to have a bath again. Some of the benefits of bath bombs for kids include:

Calming and Soothing Effects

When your child uses bath bombs in their bath, these products release pleasant fragrances and aromas that ease the mind of your child and relieve them of their stress. After having a bath with bath bombs, your child will be as calm and relaxed as ever, which is something every parent needs from time to time.

Mental Health

Children’s mental health is something that is often overlooked nowadays, and this should not be the case, as often children have as much to worry about as anyone. Bath bombs offer kids the opportunity to relax and take their minds off anything they are worried about.

Better Sleep

A good night’s sleep is incredibly important for anyone, but especially for young children. One of the most effective ways to ensure your child sleeps comfortably throughout the night is to give them a bath with bath bombs before bedtime. This will allow your child’s body and mind to become completely relaxed and therefore will help them to drift off to sleep with ease.

Adds Fun to Bath Time

While many children will often be unwilling to cooperate when it comes to bath time, the addition of fun and colourful bath bombs will almost always do the trick to persuade your child to have a bath. The vibrant colours of the bath bombs as well as the excitement of watching them dissolve will turn the otherwise dull and boring task of bath time into something much more fun and enjoyable for any child.

Cleans and Repairs Skin

Bath bombs contain natural emollients and softeners which are highly beneficial for your child’s skin. Not only do these bath bombs help to clean your child’s skin, but they also moisturize and repair it.

Leaves your child smelling great

Not only will bath bombs clean and moisturize your child’s skin, but they will also leave your child smelling great after their bath. Bath bombs contain pleasant aromas and fragrances which not only make your child smell great but also prevent bad odours from building up on your child’s skin. Your child can also choose the bath bomb with their favourite fragrance for each bath time so they can enjoy the wonderful aroma after their bath.

Natural and Vegan friendly

Bath bombs are made up of ingredients that are entirely natural and vegan friendly. This means that they are cruelty-free and free of any harmful chemicals that could damage your child’s skin or cause an allergic reaction in your child.

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