Scented Natural Bath Salt
Scented Natural Bath Salt

Scented Natural Bath Salt

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  • Weight: 300ml

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bath salt is an inorganic solid product that can be added to bath water to promote skin cleansing. When taking a bath, put the bath water in the bath salt. Made from crushed water-soluble minerals (such as sodium chloride). It is used for beauty, bathing enjoyment, and cleaning. It often appears in hot springs that imitate natural hot springs. It can also be used as a scrub when rubbing the skin. 

Some bath salts will infiltrate and soften the skin, making it easier to shed skin cells.

Product name Scented Natural Bath Salt
Net 300 ml
Efficacy Clean the skin, Moisturize, Relax ourselves, Improve the dull skin

After a busy day, the bathing time to wash away the dirt and fatigue is the happiest enjoyment. At this time, add mineral-rich Scented Natural Bath Salt to the bathtub, and relieve physical and mental fatigue through the warm and aromatic hot bath, and you can experience SPA-like healing at home even without going out. Before purchasing products, it is recommended that you confirm the aroma and tonality of bath salt.


  1. One of the function of bath salts is to clean, it can be used with bath lotion to remove the old cutin on our skin and improve the dull skin problem.

  2. Bath salts can lock in water and replenish moisture, relieve our dry skin.

  3. Contains natural essence ingredients to make ur skin smoother.

  4. The Scented Natural Bath Salt has a unique fragrance, which can relax us and relieve fatigue when taking bath.

Lavender and orange blossom have the power of tranquility and are suitable for use before going to bed; vanilla, peach, coconut and other sweet aromas can bring leisure and luxury. In fact, there is no shortage of bath salt products with many fragrance choices on the market, and I believe that you will surely find one that suits your preferences. Or, you can buy bath salt that has no taste. It is also a good way to mix your favorite essential oils.

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