Mini Bath Bomb For Men
Mini Bath Bomb For Men

Mini Bath Bomb For Men

  • MOQ : 1000pcs
  • Weight: 60g

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mini bath bombs are 100% handmade from natural and organic ingredients; vegan, non-GMO, sulphate-free,gluten-free,cruelty-free and paraben-free; never stains your skin or bathtub as both can be easily rinsed clean
100% natural and organic, all bath bombs are safe for children; no residue left in your skin or your tub; valued bath
bombs gift set with premium quality
Main Ingredients:
baking soda, citric acid, cellulose, sodium bicarbonate, essential oil
60gor customized
This product is for external use only. Do not use it in the wound. This product is not a substitute for medicine.
Please use it immediatelyafter opening. Please put it in the shade where the sun does not shine directly.

Item no
60g bath bombs
Main Ingredients
baking soda, citric acid, cellulose, sodium bicarbonate, essential oil
Place of Origin
Huizhou Guangdong
Brand Name
BodyNurse or OEM design
Shelf Life
2 Years
Warmly Welcomed

Fizzing & colorful bath bombs
Nagaliving bath bombs are designed to bring new excitement to the bath time while boosting relaxing properties. Just throw one in your bath water and watch it explode into a swirling, twirling ball of colorful bubbles. This charm will also greatly appeal to the kids

Relaxing & Nourishing Effects
Relax yourself with a warm bath and enjoy the benefits of essential oils after an exhausted day. Formulated with essential oils and other skin-improving ingredients,Nagalivingbath bombs will deliver natural fragrances to soothe your senses while moisturizing and nourishing your skin.

Ideal Gift for Bath Lovers
Ideal Gift for Bath Lovers,Our
designers intended to make
Nagaliving Bomb Set a charming
gift, as we believe that it is our goal
to reward you with things which can bring you tons of happiness. Our product has attracted lots of
customers all over the world who
have left positive feedback.

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