Fizzy Bath Bombs Gift Set
Fizzy Bath Bombs Gift Set

Fizzy Bath Bombs Gift Set

  • MOQ : 1000pcs
  • Weight: 2.5oz or Customization

Wholesale & OEM is welcome, Trial order is available

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Wholesale Fizzy Bath Bombs Gift Set supplier in china, Boymay focus on bulk bath bomb custom and wholesale business, Contact us for a free Fizzy Bath Bombs Gift Set sample.

bath bomb Gift Set - 12 uniquely designed Bath Bombs

  • Each about 2.5 oz, 2 inches in diameter.
  • They all have Gorgeous Fragrance. Some will have color and others contain flower petals. Bath w/ pearls and flakes

These are NOT some generic oem bath bombs. It is designed and crafted by us, a bath company with passion.

  • All natural ingredients

Feel the difference of our bath bombs

  • A balanced, lightweight moisturizer from the highest quality natural ingredients to keep you hydrated but will not leave your skin sticky.
  • 12 uniquely crafted aroma for relaxation, you will love how you smell after bath.
  • Package is designed to keep freshness and makes a perfect gift sets.

Special clean room for the highest quality products

  • Our product is made in the cleanest environment, hygiene is our utmost priority.
  • All equipments are sterilized daily to ensure a heathy and bacteria free product.
  • Excellent bath time for all ages

Cruelty free and humane

  • We will never experiment on animals - we don't have to because nothing toxic or harmful will ever go into our products.

Each of the 12 bath baths gives unique experience.

  • The 12 scents:
    - Angel
    - Black Raspberry Vanilla
    - Fun in the Shower
    - Fun on the Beach
    - Kiwi & Strawberry
    - Lavender
    - Lemongrass Green Tea
    - Love
    - Mango papaya
    - Melon Ball
    - Shea & Coconut
    - Victorian Rose

  • How to use the bubble bath
    Fill the bathtub with warm water, put the bath salt ball into the bathtub, and at the same time the bath salt ball gradually dissolves in the water.
    It releases a lot of air bubbles and gives off a fragrant smell. At this time, go to the bath and start the unique journey of enjoying the hot spring bath.
    [How to use the foot bath]
    Put an appropriate amount of warm water in the basin, put the bath salt ball, and soak for 10-15 minutes in the middle.
    (When the bath salt ball is put into the water, the water rolls from it, as if it is boiling, put your feet in the water, comfortable and moisturizing, the feet are soft and comfortable after use)
    1. Contains aromatherapy essential oils.
    2. After the bubble bath, the skin is smooth and delicate.
    Using high-quality deep-sea bath salt as the main raw material, it contains plant aromatherapy essential oils. This product will produce rich and long-lasting bubbles after entering the water. Strong aroma, stable product quality, not easy to absorb moisture when dry, and long shelf life.
    Be sure to put it in warm water, the temperature of the warm water is best directly at 40 ℃.

  • 1.  Can you custom bath bomb ?

    Sure, color,weight,shape,package all can be customized as request.

    2.  How can I get a bath bomb free sample?

    The sample can be free, and the freight will be in charge of you.  After payment done, we will arrange samples for you immediately.  May I have your full address, I will check the freight for you accordingly.

    3.  How long will it take to make sample?

    For stock sample, we can send out immediately, while for new samples, it will take around 7~10days.

    4.  What's your production lead time ?

    Normally the production lead time is 25~30days after order confirmed, if you are urgent, it can be faster.

    5.  Can you accept private label bath bomb?

    1).Yes, private label is available, we can customize for you as request.

    2).Sure, OEM is available, you can put your logo on the box and labels.

    3). You can send us your artwork to do print directly, also we have professional design team, we can design for you according to your picture ,sample or ideals.

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