Jan 04,2023

Where Did the bath bomb Originate?

The bath bomb was originally created in a garden shed by Mo Constantine. Mo is the co-founder and product investor for the popular British company, Lush
In 1989, Mo was simply looking for a way to make bath sessions a more luxurious time. She wanted to find a solution for pampering the skin without irritating it.
Mo began to pair ingredients that were known to be thoroughly beneficial to the skin. She concentrated her efforts on selecting rich oils and butter that worked to treat the skin. At the same time, these experiments started to take on an ambience all of their own. 
Combining such ingredients, Mo stumbled across a way to combine colour and fragrance. By doing so, she had effortlessly developed a form of aromatherapy for the bathroom. 

In 1995, the store Lush was created and Mo’s creations were made available to the public.

What Is a Bath Bomb and What Is a Bath Bomb Made Of?

A bath bomb is made using a good balance of bicarbonates and a weak acid. When placed in water, the ingredients of a bath bomb will react. The result is a bubble and fizz effect when connecting with bath water. 
This effect is due to the release of carbon dioxide and sodium citrate, creating a chemical reaction. As the bubble and fizz effect takes place, the bath bomb emits sensational scents and colours. This is because when the bath bomb dissolves, it begins to break apart. Here is where the good stuff is released.

The result is a spectacular display in the bathtub. But, ultimately bath bombs release several emollients that are softening for the skin. So, bath bombs are one of the most luxurious bath time treats.

What Are the Benefits of Bath Bombs?
Bath bombs are a fun addition to any bath time 
They can instantly turn a simple bath into a spa-like bath
The oils included provide relief for many skin types and are super-effective at moisturising
The sodium bicarbonate ingredient provides a detoxifying element to your bath
The fragrance released from bath bombs is delightful - with so many scents available to choose from
Bath bombs aid relaxation in the bath. They can help with fatigue and tension
They offer a fabulous backdrop for both pampering sessions and romantic bath sessions
They work on several of our senses all at once
They promote a balanced mindset and leave you feeling invigorated after using
They're so simple to use. You just drop them into the water and let them do their magic
Bath bombs come in various sizes, shapes, and colours. This makes them stunning additions to the bathroom when put on display
You don't have to wait for the bath bomb to dissolve - you can safely get in the bath at the same time as it 


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