Oct 12,2022

BodyNurse as a excellent bath bomb manufacturer and bath bomb supplier with more than 27 years of experience in the personal care and beauty field, mainly produces various bulk bath bomb wholesale supplies. Such as dried flower bath bombs, built-in toy bath bombs, crystal bath bombs, rainbow shower gel bombs, fruit bath bombs, streamers, etc. For bath bombs, we accept OEM ODM request. Besides bath bombs, we can also accept OEM designs for soaps, shampoo gels, masks, body lotions, etc.

Here's what some consumers had to say about the use of Our BodyNurse's bath bombs:

Consumers A :

I ordered these and they arrived quickly and well packaged. I was glad to see that none of them was cracked as is often the case when I order bath bombs. Today I decided to take a bath after a long day and used one of these. It was slightly smaller than I expected but it made up for size in other ways. The bath bomb fizzed nicely when I put it in water and the colors were really pretty as it melted away. It smelled really nice and made for a very relaxing bath. Overall, I'm glad I ordered these and can't wait to use another one later this week.

Consumers B :

I got these to give individually in gift baskets.  There's (12) so I will probably put in several in each basket.  These are very highly fragranced.  I could smell them before even opening the box.  You get lots of different scents.  It includes rose, tea tree, jasmine, sakura, chamomile, lavender, mint, ocean, eucalyptus, orange, lemon and grapefruit.  They are large in size - each one measure about 2" across.  These are great for adults, teens and younger kids.  You can give the whole box as a gift or split them up because each ball is individually wrapped.  Great for gifts.

Consumers C :

Really nice bath bombs loaded with fresh fragrance!  My husband plopped one of these in the tub for my daughter when we got them in the mail and the whole house smelled like lilacs or whatever the fragrance was.  These are decent size bombs for the price and affordable enough to throw into the kids' bath water but nice enough that a couple into my own tub is a pretty luxurious experience without breaking the bank.  Not super bubbly or fizzy but that's okay, they diffuse slowly and that's something my kids can focus on at bath time while they wind down for bedtime.  No skin irritation experienced when using these bombs and we are overall happy with their fragrance and bubbliness!  Recommended.


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