Oct 25,2022

Bath fizzies are material products designed to effervesce in bathwater.

They come in the form of:

amorphous grains of homogeneous mixture, packaged in a box, jar, or envelope;
single-use envelopes of mixed powders; andsolid boluses of homogeneous or inhomogeneous mixture called bath bombs.
Bath fizzies date from the early 20th Century and may be considered a form of bath salts in that the products of their use include a salt solution in addition to the carbon dioxide bubbles which are their definitive feature. Their ingredients must include one or more acid(s) and one or more water-soluble bicarbonate, sesquicarbonate, and/or carbonate. In addition they commonly include coloring, fragrance, and/or other water-soluble, water-dispersible, and/or volatile ingredients for esthetic, cosmetic, or skin soothing purposes. This principle of effervescing while releasing other ingredients is the same that has been used by tableted products for children to produce their own carbonated beverages. In principle a fizzie could release phosphoric anhydride gas, but the release of gas from phosphate salts is so slow that any phosphates present in either beverage or bath fizzies are for other purposes.

Bath fizzies are considered a type of bubble bath product by those using the phrase to refer to baths with bubbles within the water or products for producing such an effect, and should hence be distinguished from foaming products that produce bubbles on top of bath water, also referred to as bubble baths. The bubbles from a fizzie tend to nucleate on and thereby tickle the bather under the water. There have been combination products used to produce both fizzing and foaming effects with baths.

What Is the Difference Between Bath Bombs & Fizzies?

There are few self-care activities as pampering, luxurious and restorative as a bath. It's one of the best ways to wind down after a long day and let the stress melt away in the warm water. And with the amazing selection of bath products available today, it's easy to customize your bath experience based on the desired effects of each soak in the tub. If you're trying to choose between bath bombs or bath fizzies, this guide will give you the details you need to make sure you get a wonderfully refreshing and relaxing experience.

Water Effects

Bath bombs and bath fizzies have unique effects on the water. When you plop a bath bomb into a full tub, you'll see a foaming swirl of colors slowly spread. The foaming effect creates a smoother, richer feel in the water that's noticeable within just a minute or two. There is sometimes a soft fizzing action as well, especially when the bath bomb first enters the water, and a light scent starts to fill the air as the bomb continues to foam. The lush, foamy effects of a bath bomb feel especially indulgent and relaxing, helping to create a luxurious pampering atmosphere for your bath.

Bath fizzies, on the other hand, are much more effervescent. Little clear, sparkling bubbles fill the tub when one of these products is placed into the water. This fizzing action is much stronger than what you'd experience with a bath bomb, and it also contributes to a stronger scent as you bathe and the bubbles pop, releasing incredible aromas into the air. The enticing scents and fizzing water create an invigorating, uplifting atmosphere for your at-home spa bath.

Skin Effects

Using bath bombs or bath fizzies certainly helps to create a certain atmosphere during your bath. However, the ingredients in these products can also have beneficial effects for your body. Both Vitabath® bath bombs and bath fizzies are designed to soften and nourish your skin. We enrich our products with vitamins, extracts and other ingredients to treat you to skin that feels refreshed and smooth after each bath.

Bath fizzies and bombs also help to moisturize the skin. Hydrating ingredients in each of our formulas work hard underwater to provide the moisturizing effects so your skin doesn't feel tight or dry when you step out of the bath.

Directions for Use

To use a bath bomb, fill the tub with warm water. Then, drop in a single bomb and allow it to foam and spread throughout the tub.

Bath fizzies come with similar instructions. You'll fill the bath with warm water first. Then, you should typically add two or three fizzies to the bath to achieve the desired effects. Try to place them in the water in different areas of the tub for complete fizzing action throughout the bath.

Both bath bombs and bath fizzies are easy, affordable and beneficial ways to improve your bath experience. If you like to take baths, make sure to stock up on one or both of these products to create a soothing and uplifting experience each time you soak.


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