Dec 22,2022

WHAT IS A bath bomb?

First things first, if you aren’t super familiar with this bathtime staple—we’ve only really seen them blow up over the last few years—we need to cover what a bath bomb is. Sometimes also known as bath balls, a bath bomb is a small, ball-shaped product that is filled with colorants, salts, and skin-softening ingredients such as oils and butters.

As the name suggests, once you pop a bath bomb into a tub full of water, the shape breaks apart and releases all of the ingredients. Then you’re left with a myriad of colors and scents to soak your body in. Some bath bombs even break apart to release flowers, fizzers, glitter, and other cool surprises. While most bath bombs are small sphere shapes, you can enjoy bath bombs in various shapes and sizes.

Follow these tips for safer use with bath bombs:

Review the ingredient list and avoid anything that can irritate your skin

Do a patch test and rub the bath bomb against your elbow. If redness or irritation has not developed within 48 hours, the bath bomb may be safe to use.

Limit your exposure to the potential allergens in bath bombs by limiting your time in the tub.

Hop in the shower afterward and remove any residue from the bath bombs with lukewarm water.

Limit using bath bombs to just a few times a week  

If skin irritation or redness develops after using a bath bomb, stop using the product immediately.

Seek the advice of a medical professional if symptoms like redness or irritation persist for more than a few days. Alternatives to bath bombs like fragrant candles or relaxing music can create a soothing environment you can look forward to after a long day at work.

You may also consider looking up one of the many recipes for bath bombs available online and creating your own with ingredients that you trust and won't cause irritation to your skin. 


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