Jan 04,2023

As luxurious, relaxing, rejuvenating, and soothing as they are, bath bombs have found a liking in everyone’s bath routine. As a result, it comes as no wonder of having people who want to use them on a daily basis. This may raise eyebrows whether it is safe to do so without considering the cost factor since they are quite expensive.

A short answer to such a question is that it depends on the product you are using. Although most bath fizzers feature basic ingredients like essential oils, dye, and salts, some may contain specific extracts specific to each company. Another concern is whether the bubbly reaction caused by citric acid and sodium bicarbonate is good for one’s health. Although bath bombs make your skin feel softer and smoother, they may also contain harmful ingredients and chemicals that may cause skin irritation or lead to the development of rashes.

Furthermore, notable bath bomb manufacturers such as Lush cosmetics advise against the use of their products on a daily basis. This is because even if they do not react negatively with your skin, they may cause other reactions, which can disrupt the pH in the female vagina and make it feel itchy. Suppose you are among those who experience such reactions after bathing with a bath fizzer. In that case, it is advisable to stop using them immediately and consult a physician or dermatologist about the possibility of allergies.

Nonetheless, if you must use this product but have sensitive skin, you try out natural bath bombs only without harsh chemicals. Such bath bombs consist of natural ingredients only, which are beneficial to one’s skin.

Note: Bath bombs aren’t specifically designed for use in bathtubs only. If you were wondering whether you can shower with one, yes, you can. Showering is another alternative use of bath bombs anytime you feel like it. However, the procedure is quite different from when using a bathtub. Here, you should cut off a small piece of your favorite fizzer and rub it on your body like soap. 

Remember to have the shower turned on and the water warm. This will enable you to transform an ordinary boring shower into a stimulating experience that smells good. You will also get to benefit from smooth, soft skin. When warm water drops from the showerhead, it turns an ordinary shower version into a fizzy explosion of scent.

Indeed, bath bombs are the absolute way to relax after a long day of bustling in the ever-demanding world. The explosion of color and smell cannot be compared to anything else in your bathroom. With the above information on how you can get the most out of your bath fizzer, the only challenging decision remaining for you is deciding the scent you’d wish to try next. Good luck with that.


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