Aug 14,2022

bath bombs with exfoliation, whitening, skin care and many other benefits. It's also known as a bath bombs because it contains carbonic acid, which bubbles in water.

The main materials are citric acid and sodium bicarbonate, and then add surfactants and anti-coagulants, sodium sulfate, sodium chloride and so on. They dissolve quickly in water.

The bathtub bomb was built in the late 1980s.However,its usefulness can be seen in the fact that businesses now sell a wide range of bath bombs for a wide range of interested individuals.After all,these products can make bathing so much more enjoyable,and that doesn't even mention their great convenience.

Costly feeling

For starters,bath bombs can bring a much-needed sense of luxury to a bath.Better yet,users can use them effortlessly,allowing them to focus on the experience rather than everything needed to create it.

Soothing aroma

Most of the time,we underestimate our sense of smell.However,it is undoubtedly one of the most important ways we experience the world around us.Therefore,it makes sense that bath bombs are filled with a variety of pleasant scents that can be used to produce user-selected effects.Some,such as citrus,are refreshing.In contrast,others,such as lavender,can be soothing.

Good for your skin

Body wash usually contains ingredients that can be used to moisturize skin diseases and benefit the skin.By using them,people can protect their skin,thus ensuring that it remains as smooth and soft as it should be.

Promote healing

On a related note,bath bombs can largely nourish the skin,improve blood circulation,and aid in the body's natural healing.On top of that,a good bath is relaxing and therefore an excellent stress reliever for those who feel exhausted by the daily stresses of work.

Made with natural ingredients

Some people may be sensitive to harsh chemicals.At the same time,others have ethical values that encourage them to choose all-natural products whenever possible.Fortunately,the people behind the bath bombs know this,which is why there are a variety of such products made with all-natural ingredients that are even suitable for vegans.

BODY NURSE is a cosmetics factory mainly for custom bath bombs. Founded in 1995, we have been engaged in the research and development of bath bombs and OEM services for 27 years. Welcome customers from all over the world to wholesale bath bombs from our factory.

Our Factory covers an area of 40000 square meter,having more than 200 employees . With 14 automatic production line, we can produce 20,000sets product daily.

Our company has passed ISO9001 ,GMPC ISO22716,GMP US FDA,SMETA certification etc, make sure our quality can meet all our clients’ needs.


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