Aug 26,2022

Homemade explosive bath salts balls at home, easy and quick way to make way, and readily available materials and environmental protection, three to the monotony of daily cleaning work full of fun, both pure and fresh and sweet atmosphere to relax, more pure natural plant energy nourish the skin, four to material itself can clean oil and soap scum, bubble bath and clean bath crock, really is a lot of good.

1. Prepare the materials

Baking soda, anhydrous citric acid, corn flour (or potato flour), cold pressed vegetable oil, essential oil, flower flour (can be added or not), mold, electronic scale, stainless steel basin, gloves.

2. Formula ratio

Baking soda: anhydrous citric acid: cornmeal = 2:1:1

3. Production method

(1) Put on gloves, mix anhydrous citric acid and corn flour and rub well.

(2) Add baking soda and stir well. You can rub and stir as you did in the beginning

(3) Randomly add a little grass powder (such as rose powder, combrosia powder, wormwood powder, green Dai powder, etc.) to adjust the color, some color materials may dirty the bathtub, so please consider carefully whether to add.

(4) After stirring evenly, add cold pressed vegetable oil such as sweet almond oil, which is 1% of the total powder amount, and then mix it into the compound oil required by yourself (the concentration of essential oil is 1%).

(5) All materials are mixed evenly, when the hand knead into a block will not immediately spread, it can be into the mold.The mold can choose cheap and easy to use PVC mold or jelly cup, a small piece of weight suitable for a bath.The trick is to press as hard as you can!It is best to add layer after layer.

If it is a three-dimensional round or heart bath ball mold, the mold is more difficult to enter.Can be half pressed into concave half made convex, and then the concave half from the top down tightly buckle convex, the success rate will increase.To prevent expansion and bursting, wrap plastic wrap around the tight mold.

(6) Wait patiently for 30 minutes, you can demoulding, if it is not urgent, or afraid that the bath ball will turn into bath powder after demoulding, it is better to put it on for 1 day and then demoulding.

(7) Bath salt ball molding after demoulding, placed in a ventilated place for a day, and then can be wrapped with plastic wrap or put into a sealed jar, so as not to wet loose.

4. Precautions

Some formulas will add Epsom salt, Epsom salt will produce a rotating effect to make the bath salt ball thrown into the water more interesting, but can not be used with foaming powder.Epsom salt defoaks, and the more you add, the faster it goes, so for lasting bubbles, don't add Epsom salt or sea salt to the recipe.


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