Aug 17,2022
Let's get started on this DIY bath bomb recipe!In a glass or ceramic bowl,mix citric acid from baking soda,sea salt and cornstarch.These are the key components and the source of all the air bubbles.Once these elements interact with water,especially baking soda and citric acid,various stimuli can occur.Baking soda has the benefit of detoxifying and alkalinizing the body,as well as softening the skin.Sea salt provides magnesium that can be absorbed through the skin,and cornstarch also helps soften the skin,giving it a silky feel.Cornstarch also helps harden bath bombs.Mix all the ingredients well.
In a separate bowl,let's combine the liquid ingredients.Add cream tartare and cream witch hazel to harden the bath bombs.Cream tartare is sediment from the bottom of the barrel,but it doesn't contain alcohol.It contains high levels of potassium,but since you are not ingesting it,the amount of potassium absorbed through the skin is small and usually fine;However,if potassium is an issue,be sure to check with your doctor.Witch hazel is also a great toner and has a great healing effect on the skin.Its convergent properties are great for acne.(1.)

Next,let's add the oil.Almond oil This is a great choice as it is light and wonderful for skin.It soothes chapped skin and can even heal skin cancers damaged by broken skin.Rich in coconut oil and of course,it's a great addition.In particular,I love its skin-softening features while providing anti-fungal and anti-bacterial benefits.(2.)

Now,let's add wild orange essential oil and rose essential oil.Wild oranges are very uplifting for the body and the mind,giving an uplifting feeling.Rose essential oil is very effective for depression and reducing anxiety.It's also good for the skin,helps balance hormones and can boost your libido!

Now,mix the liquid ingredients with the dry ingredients to make a DIY bath bomb recipe.

Finally,let's add a little color.Using common ready-made food dyes may cause problems for your health.Instead,use a little beetroot powder for a nice rose-pink color,along with its added benefits of antioxidants!

Once you've mixed all the ingredients,you can make your DIY bath bomb recipe into a ball.If you wish,you can use silicon bath bomb molds,lightly greased cookie molds or muffin tins to give it a specific shape.As the mixture may expand,continue pushing it into the mold you chose early in solidification.

Let it set for 1-2 days so that it can form as it dries.Once dry,store in an airtight container.Storing in the refrigerator helps keep it fresh,as there are no preservatives or chemicals in this bath bomb recipe,but it is best to use it within 2-3 weeks.Of course,they make great gifts!

When you're ready to use your DIY bath bomb recipe,simply draw a nice warm bath and put it in!Enjoy the bubble and pleasant fragrance while getting the relaxation your body and mind need.


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