Dec 08,2022

What is a bath bomb?

Bath bombs, also known as bath fizzers, are dry ingredients that are designed to effervesce once in contact with warm water. Once it hits the water, it releases essential oils, scents, colors, and bubbles to elevate your bath experience. Bath bombs can help condition the skin and soothe sore muscles. Additionally, they may help detox and relax the body and mind.   The great thing about bath bombs is that they contain the precise amount of oils and bath salts that you would normally have to purchase separately. Not only does using bath fizzers speed up the bath time process, but they make the experience so much better.

How to use a bath bomb in the shower

Just because you don’t use it in the bath doesn’t mean you can’t reap the aromatherapy benefits or skin nourishing bath oils available in bath fizzies. In fact, you can use these as shower fizzies too!

The key to releasing the benefits of bath bombs is to use warm water. Cool or cold water just doesn’t cut it.
There are a couple of ways to use a Bath bomb in the shower.
But first I’m going to tell you how NOT to do it. I’ve read a few articles online telling you to place the bath fizzie on the shower floor. The reasoning is that you could still enjoy the beautiful scents of the fragrance oils and enjoy seeing the colors swirl around your feet.
In my opinion, this is a waste of a wonderful bath product. You are literally letting your BB go down the drain! Sure, your feet may get moisturized, and you’ll get to enjoy the bath bomb smell for a minute or two before it dissolves.
But there are better ways to use a BB if you’re on Team Shower.
Tip:To get the most of your fizzy bath bomb, consider breaking it into smaller pieces, especially if you have a larger bomb. This way you can get more than one use of it.


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