Sep 24,2022

How to choose a bath bomb, this article is divided into the following aspects to do an analysis for you, hoping to help you buy a suitable bath bomb.


Our bath bomb are with many different color and differt effect. No matter which bath bomb you choose, you’ll emerge from the tub feeling relaxed, smelling delightful and with skin so soft, it’ll be irresistible. Knowing that, you might simply want to choose a bath bomb for its ability to entertain.

If you want to enjoy a multi-color bath bomb, then you can choose our multi-layerd bath bomb. It still create a lovely fizz in the water but as they quickly go to work, they reveal a spectacle of color, popping fizz, flower petals and so much more for a bathing experience like no other! If you were to crack open a few of our bath bombs, you’d find multiple layers at every level, designed to leave you mesmerized by a spectacle of fizzing colors, sparkles and scent. It reveal a multi-colored symphony of color and fragrance that’s just begging to be ‘grammed!
Before bed
Traditionally, baths are a good bedtime ritual for restless kids or stressed out adults before going to sleep. Drop the lavender bath bomb into your tub and they’ll help you fight the demons of insomnia and soothe stressed out bodies and minds. It’s one of the gentlest and most relaxing ways to simmer down for the evening and get you ready for dreamland in no time.

Best smellers

Not sure where to start? We’ve got a few customer favorites scents. Like lavender, lemon and sea salt to help your body settle in and emerge with soft skin. And if sweet smells are your jam, you can choose our Mango, Orange, Strawberry, cotton candy and coconut fizzer, etc.

BODYNURSE bath bombs are 100% handcrafted from natural and organic ingredients; vegan, non-GMO, sulfate free,Gluten-free, cruelty-free, paraben-free; won't stain your skin or the tub as both rinse off easily 100% natural and organic, all bath bombs are child-safe; no residue on your skin or in the tub; a valuable tub Premium Bomb Gift Set.

BodyNurse as a bath bomb manufacturer and supplier with more than 27 years in personal care and beauty field,mainly produces a variety of bath bombs.Such as dried flower bath bombs,bath bombs with Toys inside,crystal bath bombs,rainbow bath bombs,fruit bath bombs,streamer tablets etc.For bath bombs we accept OEM ODM request.
Our factory and service:
We have imported advanced production equipment for research and production.Each item From BodyNurse before shipment needs to get through strict and rigorous inspection and rechecking.BodyNurse also has several shops via Amazon,which passes GMPS and ISO certificates.
Besides a large production base, advanced R&D technology and equipment,Nagaliving has also a reliable and talented design team who are able to select products and accessories to create stylish products.
Our Mission:
In improving quality continuously, we trust.
In providing best service continuously, we trust.
In being your partner to win to win,
we trust.

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