Oct 12,2022
Here's a quick,easy DIY recipe for pretty pink bath bombs.You'll need two mixing bowls,a fork for mixing,and candy or ice cube molds in the shapes of spheres.This recipe will make two to three,depending on the size of your molds.Use one per bath.
Step 1

In the first bowl,mix together the dry ingredients:
½cup baking soda
1 tbsp.beetroot powder
¼cup citric acid
¼cup cornstarch
¼cup Epsom salt
Dried flower petals(optional)

Step 2

In the second bowl,combine the wet ingredients:
2 tbsp.plant-based oil of your choice
1 tsp.essential oil(s)of your choice

Step 3

Slowly mix the dry ingredients into the bowl of wet ingredients.The resulting bomb batter should be moist and stick together.If looks crumbly,add a little extra oil and stir with the fork until moistened.

Step 4

Fill your molds with the pink mixture,then refrigerate the bath bombs for an hour until firm.
After this,the bath bombs will be ready to use.Simply place one in the warm bath water,get into the bath,and watch the bomb bubble.As the ball dissolves,your water will turn pink as the room fills with the lovely essential oil fragrance you've chosen.

To amp up your self-care in the bath,consider trying a coconut oil hair treatment to hydrate dry locks or washing with a moisturizing body wash using a soft loofah to gently exfoliate and cleanse your skin.

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