Oct 21,2022

bath bombs expire, and they can be detrimental to your skin. Remember that an expired bath bomb loses most of its properties, so you have to be careful with them.

There is a possibility that you release dangerous compounds into your system if you utilize these expired products.

You can still use a bath bomb that is past its expiry date, depending on how long it has gone over the mark. The longer it stays, the more harmful it could be to your skin. You don't suppose an old bath bomb would have all its features intact.

A simple rule of thumb is never to use bath bombs that are way over one year old. You definitely don't want to use them if they have been sitting in a humid and damp place for over six months beyond their expiration date. Experts advise people to drop any bath bomb that has a faded color, smells rancid, or has mold on them.

Most of the bad recipes on the market

Inferior cheap formula bath bombs do not have obvious foaming effect in water, and they do not respond when thrown into the bathtub

This can dry out your skin and the color may stay on your skin and in the tub, making it difficult to clean

Our recipe

Our bath bomb formula is great, it's floating, premium serum and more essential oils, creamy and gentle rich lather

Using imported raw materials, all food-grade colors, engineers repeatedly and carefully debug the formula to care for the skin

If you do not use natural bath bomb before, I suggest you using a small amount in the sink to see if there was an allergic reaction. They are beautifully presented and it will be a perfect gift for your lovely kids! It really make an unusual paradise for kids when they take a shower!

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