Oct 13,2022
The Warmer the Water, the Better 

While there isn't a set temperature for dissolving bath bombs, Vega points out that the water has to be warm in order for ingredients like cocoa butter to melt.  "A comfortable bath temperature is going to vary from person to person;  it’s really a matter of personal preference," she says.  "For some, lukewarm is comfortable.  For others, they like to let it get really steamy.  Depending on how long you like to linger in the tub, you will probably find yourself topping up with more warm water or cooling off with cool water during your bath."  Just keep in mind that, as cozy as a hot bath might feel, you don't want to overheat the tub, as Vega says that you'll likely come out feeling faint and weak, which could be a potential hazard.

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