Oct 20,2022

An inquiry from an UK client, they need to do a DIY bath bomb, which need to contain material for 2 x 100g bath bomb. And we did many DIY gift set before, which contains essential oil, color material in a bottle and also some decoration and toys. But this new inquiry, the target price of the whole gift set is very low, I suggest client to remove some component like the colors and the essential oil, we can add these material beforehand in the mixture material package, and consumer only need to mixed two material bag, and then they can do their own bath bomb after mixing. And this suggestions were took by the clients, and she finally ordered 5000 sets of DIY bath bomb gift set.

Our advantage:

1.BodyNurse bath bomb wholesale supplier more than 20 Years bath bomb factory History,Directly Sells with Competitive Price.

2.Good Materials and Mechanized Production Line Keep Goods in High Quality.

3.<1 Hours Quick Reply,High Quality Service,Professional Solutions.

4.The foam is rich and colorful,especially the color does not remain and not stain the bathtub.

5.The foam is rich and colorful,especially the color does not remain and not stain the bathtub.

6.Handmade,usually the best.environmentally friendly,does not pollute the earth,but also because it is handmade,error range(10g-20g).

7.Different petal bath bombs have different components and different functions.All products are made by hand after placing an order to ensure the freshness of products.

8.They are suitable for all skin types because the material is pure natural,no dye!Vegan!Gluten-free!No Phthalates!preservative-free!


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