Oct 21,2022

As with food products, bath bombs too have ingredients with an expiration date and a recommended shelf life. The shelf life of bath bombs refers to how long you can store them, and they still maintain full effectiveness. A bath bomb has an average shelf life of about six months.

Common bath bomb ingredients include citric acid and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). While baking soda and citric acid both have long shelf lives, citric acid starts losing its potency as time passes. However, you can easily preserve the potency of the citric acid by storing it in a tightly sealed container.

When they are exposed to water or moisture, bath bombs tend to create an acid-base reaction. If they are exposed too much to the moisture in the air, they might not fizz anymore and would begin to lose their effective properties.

The fresher your bath bomb is, the faster they fizz, and the better they work. You can utilize tight bulk bath bomb containers to store your fizzies for a long time, and they'll still be usable, but they cannot work effectively as compared to fresh ones.

You should store bath bombs in a cool and dry place such as basements or cupboards. If you like in a humid environment, you can ensure your bath bombs are properly stored with a dehumidifier.

Different Ways To Store Bath Bombs

Bath bombs contain natural ingredients rather than synthetic ingredients, which means they will expire faster than other beauty products. Things like storing them in a hot place or allowing moisture to get into them could shorten their lifespan.

Using Bath Bomb Containers

If you want the best results when it comes to stoRing Bath Bombs, you should consider investing in a bath bomb container. Ensure it is airtight, as you don't want the bath bomb exposed to moisture.

Keep bath bomb containers away from direct sunlight or heat to prevent the ingredients from melting. If you don't have a dedicated bath bomb container, try to utilize food containers and jars with an airtight seal.

Using Plastic Wraps

The fizzing sound and other properties of your bath bomb are something you don't want to lose. Try using plastic wrap to ensure zero moisture surrounding the bath bomb before you seal it. You can also wrap the base and sides to improve this storage option.

Using Shrink Wraps

Using a shrink wrap is another great way of storing bath bombs. Blow warm air into the shrink bag using a blower or hair dryer. Then place your bath bomb into it and seal it.

Using Sealed Plastic Bags

A sealed plastic bag can help you preserve your bath bomb for a long time and have it looking and working the same as fresh ones. Use a plastic baggy with an air-tight seal.

Utilize Ziploc Bags

Get your Ziploc bag and remove all the air you can from it. Then place the bath bomb into the bag before zipping it shut. Look for a cool and dry place to store the bath bomb bag, keeping it away from direct light and heat.

Use A Dehumidifier And Oxygen Absorbers

You can use an oxygen absorber or dehumidifier with bath bombs if you can't get your hands on any of the other storage ideas. It might not be as effective as sealing bath bomb products away in an airtight container since they could still react to moisture in the air.

Use A Mylar Bag

Mylar bags come in different thicknesses and provide optimal protection against moisture and air. Use heat sealing to create an airtight seal on the mylar bag after you put in your bath bomb.

Use A Cling Wrap

You can place your bath bombs inside cling wraps and leave them until you need to use them. After placing the bath bombs inside the wrap, use a dryer to heat it so that it seals.

Use An Airtight Package

Moisture will affect and eventually ruin your bath bombs, so it is ideal to choose an airtight packaging option. That is one of the most efficient answers concerning how to store bath bombs.


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