Nov 05,2022

bath salts” is the most common name for substances that fall within a broad category of drugs called synthetic cathinones, which are related to a naturally-occurring stimulant found in the khat plant.

Synthetic cathinones were discovered several decades ago through legitimate laboratory research. In the early 2000s, mephedrone, a synthetic cathinone, was the first to appear as a legal product available in convenience stores and bodegas under names like White Magic, M-CAT, or meow meow.

How long do homemade bath salts last

Between 6-24 months. This will depend on the use-by date of the coconut oil used. Bath salt made without coconut oil will last longer.

How do you keep homemade bath salts from clumping?

If you want to stop the bath salts from permanently clumping, you can dry them out in a low-temperature oven. See the instructions in the section above.

How to make homemade bath salts for gift-giving

Scent the bath salts with personalised scents and colour them the favourite colour of those to whom you are gifting.

How to colour homemade bath salts

Food colour is an easy way to colour bath salts. You only need a small amount and it won't stain the bath.

What does soaking in bath salts do

Relaxes soothes and cleanses.


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