Oct 12,2022
bath bombs are enticing, their colors and scents intoxicating, but even the ones infused with natural oils or ingredients that can provide hydration to the skin should be avoided as much as possible. The aggressive and often abrasive chemicals used in bath bombs can do more harm than good, dry-out, or irritate your skin. Furthermore, additives like dye and glitter can be difficult to remove, causing skin irritation to worsen. When using bath bombs, be sure to proceed with caution, even if your skin doesn't always negatively react to bath bombs.

Bad formulation

The bath bomb with bad cheap formula is no obvious foaming effect in the water
Even you throw it in the bathtub and there's no reaction
This will make your skin dry and maybe the color will stay on your skin and bathtub,its hard to clean

Our formulation

Our natural bath bomb with great formula,it is floating,superior essence and more essential oils,creamy and mild rich foam
BodyNurse as a professional bath bomb manufacturer use imported raw materials,and all food grade colors,our engineer debug the formula repeatedly and carefully,make the skin be protected

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Here are the most common issues caused by bath bombs:

Skin irritation: caused by synthetic fragrances and artificial dye can aggravate the skin, lead to redness, itching, hives, and rashes or trigger an allergic reaction called dermatitis. Those with underlying skin conditions like eczema are at an increased risk of the dyes, fragrances, and cool colors in bath bombs wreaking havoc on their skin.

Vaginal irritation: The vagina has a delicate ph balance, and common ingredients used in bath bombs can shift the vagina's ph, leading to an infection. Additionally, the sensitive skin on your vulva can become irritated or itchy due to sitting in the bath with a bath bomb for too long.

Hormone Disruption: The body has a delicate hormonal balance that may become disrupted by some questionable ingredients often included in bath bombs. If you enjoy using bath bombs, limit your use and try to avoid bath bombs with excess additives like glitter or overwhelming fragrances.

Before using a bath bomb, consider performing a patch test by rubbing the bath bomb on your arm to see if your skin turns red or is irritated by the exposure. If you experience irritation or develop a rash after using a bath bomb, discontinue use immediately. Skin irritation that persists for more than a few days should be evaluated by a medical professional. The safest way to enjoy any bath is to simply relax in a comfortable tub filled with nothing but warm water.


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